maandag 24 januari 2011

Hey guys, today I've got news from my own country, for those of you who didn't know, the Netherlands.
So apparently there's a type of allergy that makes a man have muscle pains and makes him feel tired after finishing his ehmm "business", even though I still have to meet the first man who starts doing jumping jacks right after ejaculating, I'd have to say that those men should just suck it up (lol, gross not that) and move on.

And hey maybe I'm wrong about the whole thing, but then there's still ONE eenie meenie little question I have about the treatment for this allergy. (As you all know when you were little you had to get flu shots wich contained nothing more than a weakened type of flu to make your body get used to it), and guess what, they're actually doing it the EXACT same way, by injecting, or inseminating if you will, the jizz into the patients bloodstream.. I can't even think of anything more nastier than that, I still do have some unanswered questions though

1.who is donating all that jizz? a superhero with giant testicles? these men know what accepting to this treatment means or are they just forced guinea pigs?
3. was it really necessary to make a real disease out of it? (lol no seriously, they named it Post Orgasmic                 Illness Syndrome)
4. Is this mother natures answer on overpopulation?

leave your comments and make em funny lol

On a side-note; I got a new phone yesterday and this means I'll be able to post alot more in the future, stay tuned!

donderdag 20 januari 2011

apologies and DIRTY COPS

I'd like to apologize for not coming on yesterday but shit's been getting pretty busy lately so at least you got an explanation.

I just read this article about an Australian cop getting busted while busting a nut..
I know what you're thinking, anyone with a job like that would do it at least 9 times a day all the while fantasizing about that hot receptionist who wouldn't even give him a chance to begin with. But this is just where the weirdness starts, reports say that the policeman was found by colleagues somewhere in the west of Sydney, in his car wearing nothing but a G-string, high heels and bra. I kinda feel bad for this guy because not only does he have to live with the shame of knowing that that special date he planned with aforementioned receptionist will probably just remain a dream, the poor fellow also has to pay a fine of 511 Dollars. To be fairly honest I only thought Japanese anime/manga artist would be crazy enough to think up of a story like that.. Well congratulations Australia; You're slightly less weird than the people who invented tentacle porn..
No offence though ;)

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

fanter? will?

guys what the fuck is going on, I don't even have fucking time for an introduction..

Idon't know about where you guys live but over here the last past weeks It's been fucking raining and leaves have started to fall off trees.. It's normal? NO IT'S F***ING NOT!!
It's januari and everyday I come home with clothes wetter than when it was August, I'm een confused about what season we're in.
And as if that's not enough some fucking douchebag decided it would be funny to start jumping in the puddles outside like a retarded infant, causing a lot of peoples cigarettes to get wet. And if you're a smoker you know the feeling of someone fucking up your last bit of hope of surviving the day.. Needless to say we jumped him and *ahemm* SOMEONE pushed him into a puddle. Don't know who it was tough ;)

maandag 17 januari 2011

new stuff

Well people, I have decided to be a bit more "bloggy", so from now on you'll see me not only giving my point of view about the people around me but also about the news in the world.

So what else than to start with a good old movie-like scene.
Apparently there's this 93 year old mobster getting trialed for the usual maffia type of thing.. killing people and as it seems he couldn't give two shits about it since he was sleeping during most of the trial.(even when his own son testified against him!)
now there's two things I'd like to know:
1. What kind piece of shit father must that guy have been to have his own testify against him?
2. Why did they give "Don Corleone" here 8 years of prison..? might as well had given him death sentence

Although I do find myself in the judge and jury's hopeful decision of keeping him alive for another 8 years
here's a picture of what he looks like:

What the hell is this guy doing in the maffia business, dude should be advertising for those garnier commercials
instead of those 20-what year old women acting as 40 year olds.. Who the fuck are they even trying to fool with that? seriously..

noisy folks

Hey guys, I just got off the phone with a guy whom we call K from now on. Now usually K is a good guy to hang out and smoke with  but some times he makes me want to punch em in the throat.
Like just minutes i got off the phone with him, the convo went something like this:

me: At home, chillin, feeling sick
me: Yeah I kinda wanna go back to sleep man so..
me: ...Music.. Anyway I think I'm gonna han-

And that's not the first time shit like this has happened
It's ALWAYS like that with this guy, he just doesn't know when to shut up
anouther example: i was just done toking my last bit of weed before school and it just so happened that this idiot was there too. So i go to my last class of the day and sit somewhere in the back so I won't bother anyone and Couldn't be bothered. when K decides to sit next to me and keep talking loud as fuck about how it smells so much like pot in the classroom.. ugh

know any noisy folks in your neighbourhood who think they're quiet as a mouse? feel free to comment ;)

PS: Let me know what you think of my new background nd stuff; tips & advice appreciated :)

zondag 16 januari 2011

never judge a book by it's blah blah blah

Hey guys.. i know i haven't been on lately. It's kinda personal, but hey, at least im back with a new story..

Now this happened last wednesday when i decided to go see a movie with some friends, we all agreed on being at the movies at 19:30 sharp. Obviously i wouldn't give two shits about some boring chick flick so i decided to pay a little visit to the coffeeshop(weedshop). I hadn't even started rolling a joint when my phone starts buzzing and I think you all know who it was.. (I think I'll call him Al from now on). Anyways, I really didn't feel like picking up so I turned off my phone. Once done and walking to the cinema I turn my phone back on and (I swear this seriously happened) I see 26 missed calls all of them from Al. And when I arrived at the theater I was the f**king first there.. I guess not ALL stoners are always late.. :)

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Day 2

So here's a little story of what happened today,

Today, my school started at 11AM as it does every friday, also the day i get high right before school.
but too bad.. I had no rolling paper. so I go to some guy who i've smoked with before and he said he'd go with me. I didn't mind it since he's a pretty cool guy to hang out with.
so anyway, we're behind the school when suddenly the guy from my last post (the douche) comes out of the fucking nowhere and starts begging to have a toke. I simply tell him to fuck off because he still owes me money.
so then a few other friends of the first guy also come behind the school and they let the douche mooch a bit off of them. 15 minutes later, I'm sitting in my english class, just staring at a light and almost jizzing in my pants from the sheer awesomeness, when suddenly I see the douche running out of the door. And I don't know why but I start cracking up because I knew he would just fuck up like that when suddenly it strikes me!

This idiot could get me in trouble what the fuck should I do.
so after an eternity the period finally ends and i get the fuck out of there and get myself something to drink and to eat :)