vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Day 2

So here's a little story of what happened today,

Today, my school started at 11AM as it does every friday, also the day i get high right before school.
but too bad.. I had no rolling paper. so I go to some guy who i've smoked with before and he said he'd go with me. I didn't mind it since he's a pretty cool guy to hang out with.
so anyway, we're behind the school when suddenly the guy from my last post (the douche) comes out of the fucking nowhere and starts begging to have a toke. I simply tell him to fuck off because he still owes me money.
so then a few other friends of the first guy also come behind the school and they let the douche mooch a bit off of them. 15 minutes later, I'm sitting in my english class, just staring at a light and almost jizzing in my pants from the sheer awesomeness, when suddenly I see the douche running out of the door. And I don't know why but I start cracking up because I knew he would just fuck up like that when suddenly it strikes me!

This idiot could get me in trouble what the fuck should I do.
so after an eternity the period finally ends and i get the fuck out of there and get myself something to drink and to eat :)


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Interesting bro, would love to hear what happens next!

  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  3. Hehe funny story there. I think you'll be just fine don't worry too much

  4. Haha i love your take on life, staying tuned for more updates! ;D

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