maandag 17 januari 2011

new stuff

Well people, I have decided to be a bit more "bloggy", so from now on you'll see me not only giving my point of view about the people around me but also about the news in the world.

So what else than to start with a good old movie-like scene.
Apparently there's this 93 year old mobster getting trialed for the usual maffia type of thing.. killing people and as it seems he couldn't give two shits about it since he was sleeping during most of the trial.(even when his own son testified against him!)
now there's two things I'd like to know:
1. What kind piece of shit father must that guy have been to have his own testify against him?
2. Why did they give "Don Corleone" here 8 years of prison..? might as well had given him death sentence

Although I do find myself in the judge and jury's hopeful decision of keeping him alive for another 8 years
here's a picture of what he looks like:

What the hell is this guy doing in the maffia business, dude should be advertising for those garnier commercials
instead of those 20-what year old women acting as 40 year olds.. Who the fuck are they even trying to fool with that? seriously..

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  1. Nice post.

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  2. haha, good post. That dude looks great for a 93yr old. Amazing. No doubt, he must have totally pissed off his son morally or in a shitty father kind of way.

  3. I require more anger and more rant. GETTERDID.