dinsdag 18 januari 2011

fanter? will?

guys what the fuck is going on, I don't even have fucking time for an introduction..

Idon't know about where you guys live but over here the last past weeks It's been fucking raining and leaves have started to fall off trees.. It's normal? NO IT'S F***ING NOT!!
It's januari and everyday I come home with clothes wetter than when it was August, I'm een confused about what season we're in.
And as if that's not enough some fucking douchebag decided it would be funny to start jumping in the puddles outside like a retarded infant, causing a lot of peoples cigarettes to get wet. And if you're a smoker you know the feeling of someone fucking up your last bit of hope of surviving the day.. Needless to say we jumped him and *ahemm* SOMEONE pushed him into a puddle. Don't know who it was tough ;)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, sounds like you should get some anger management man. though I do feel your pain of losing a cigarette.

  2. I remember second grade in Catholic school on a rainy day our teacher Sister Joanne came up with a brilliant idea for a game... We all had to run through the school parking lot and leap over the giant puddles of rain water. The idea turned out to not be so brilliant when several children accidentally jumped into the puddles instead of over them and became drenched. So, in conclusion, Catholic school is stupid.

  3. Climate change my friend.

  4. I hate the weather and maintain it does nothing except screw me over.

  5. i hate rain. i want to move somewhere sunny